Monday, September 19, 2016

Breaking Familial Patterns and Living Clean

If my parents were still alive, they would be coming up on their 76th wedding anniversary... brutal to add up those years. It's sad that they both died in 1995, my father at age 75 in April and my mother age 76 the following July.

When Eldest was a baby we lived in my parents basement - for a year - it was a lovely separate apartment, and most of our year there was great, but my mother would sometimes have a drinking bender and then things could be pretty horrific.

When Eldest was 3 months old, my parents had returned from the cottage one Sunday night, and my mother came down the stairs to see the baby. She was drunk, and I didn't want her to hold him. I asked her to leave, and go back upstairs. She was very upset, but did go.

She had a mild stroke that night. My father called me to come up and help her, because she could not take out her contacts... And us being stupid, and my father being rather in denial, did not take her to emergency until the next day.

Her stroke was mild and she did recover, but dementia was triggered, with a slippery-slope of deterioration. Mom would have been 68 then.

Fast forward to now.

Next January, Eldest Son and his Lovely Lu are having their first baby. My first grandchild. I will not be a Drunken Mimi. I will not be that grandparent that cannot babysit because of inebriation.

There are so many reasons to live clean.

Living, really.

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