Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lovely Dreary Drizzle

Energy levels still a little low, but inside I feel wonderful. I am visualizing my insides healing from the years of red wine - the stains on my guts fading. I am anxious to shrink, though, and return to the size and shape I see myself in my head.

I need to move my body more, which will happen as my energy level increases, recharges. Mornings are wonderful, because I don't suffer the fogginess of an evening bottle of wine. I don't feel the brain-thickness. My mind pops on, like a light.

Sleep is improving, although last night was restless. It was humid, I was hot then cold. Menopause has switched back on with more hot flushes, at least I think it is menopause, could be late onset alcohol withdrawal, since the exhaustion came on late as well. I suspect menopause, which isn't that bad.

Today is a lovely dreary day, some rain expected and the wind is blowing through the trees. My favourite kind of early Autumn day.

Today is my day off. Already 2 calls from the office, but things will settle now. Passport photo apt at 10am, a pile of books to return to the library and Pottery at 1pm. The day will be finished with a Community Garden meeting at 5:30, then - a quiet evening with crock pot soup, which I will assemble now...

Lois Day is always a good day.

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