Friday, September 16, 2016

The Poisoning

This is my new sobriety blog. Blogging has been a big part of my life, probably since around the year 2000.

Wine has been a big part of my life from around the same time, intensely, and before then, tucked around my 4 pregnancies, and solidly planted in my teens.

My family is a drinking family. We have a full spectrum of functioning and non-functioning drinkers. The angry, the weepy, the silly the quiet, the pensive. I have come to learn that I am a high-functioning alcoholic. Never drunk, never offensive, seldom forgetful, just El with a wine glass in hand.

For the last few years I have dabbled with stopping. First, in 2013. Unemployed and broke, I simply had to stop. Husband did as well, and we stayed clean for nearly three months, until I found work and new co-workers - who liked to drink wine.

Again, I stopped in 2015 - and was clean for six weeks or so - until we met new friends who offered wine, and rather than saying no, I had a glass, then another.

I planned this time stopping on the Tuesday after Labour Day, the weekend that finishes summer to a point and the weekend after we visited relatives a few hours away, relatives who heavily drink. I planned for weeks my stopping date - September 6th.

And so I am on day 11. Happy Day 11. Happy that days 1 - 10 are behind me, and still full of resolution. I am extremely happy to be here on Day 11.

Aside from insomnia, and some irritability I have not had too many side effects. I remember my mother after a bender - 'sick' in bed. For days. The first time I quit I was very anxious. Deep anxiety. I didn't know what to drink and found myself wondering what did people drink in the evenings, if they didn't drink wine?

I finally chose herbal tea steeped with some honey, and chilled. I'd sip it out of a wine glass. This time around I am drinking herbal tea in a mug. My favourite Bengal Spice Tiger Tea.

The poisoning? That was on day 9. For my birthday, Husband and I went out for dinner to a Thai restaurant. He had a Thai beer, I had a 'special' iced tea. Completely non-alcoholic, but dressed up with some colouring and stuff. It tasted funky. I sipped some more. I set is aside.

Food poisoning. Poisoned by iced tea. I know it was the iced tea because we shared a meal, and he is fine.

So day 11 - I am fast-tracking weight loss - and still celebrating not drinking.

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