Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fantastic Day 30 and Craving Change

So I made it to day 30, and feel pretty fantastic, at least at the first of the day until crushing fatigue sets in around 3pm. Every day I plan on going for a walk after dinner with our without husband, and every day after work I moan at the thought of making dinner and plant myself on the sofa, watching Netflix until 10pm, when I [hope] I can sleep.

Sleep is getting easier, last night I did not take 1/2 a Gravol but I did dream of zombies. My weight went down a few pounds, then up again, although my belly looks and feels smaller.

Hot flushes have set in, I'm pretty sure it is menopause, really haven't had any since last autumn. Could be another alcohol withdrawal symptom? Late onset, if so. Probably menopause.

Tomorrow is my day off - and I'm writing today instead of tomorrow because my Lois-Day is a little stuffed. Coffee in the morning with my friend Heather - and then Pottery.

The week has been good, I feel strong and well. My hardest time of day is when we first get home from work, when I used to reach for that bottle of red wine. Now it is either Italian Soda or really spicy Ginger Beer. Then I switch to Tiger Tea for the evening. I think that Husband is still a little lost without his beer loving partner. He has been bringing home lovely pumpkin craft beers and I will take a sniff, and say how lovely. But the beer really stinks.

I've noticed that a lot of things smell. My nose apparently is on overdrive.

I am getting a hair cut Friday. I crave change and am going quite a bit shorter. Loving the changes in my life, still treading carefully.

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