Friday, October 14, 2016

Pondering Bits at the End of the Week

I've been reading sobriety blogs. It's good to keep me aware, to keep me alert. Day 39 today, and looking forward to Day 40. A hurdle to pass.

Yesterday I had a meeting at a bank to change some signing info for our community garden. One co-signer did not show, which was annoying. It caused my Lois-Day to get backed up - and by the time I made it way across the city to my pottery course my energy levels were already lagging. This resulted in cylinders that were more like bowls.

Next Thursday my gift to myself is not booking anything on my day off, aside from Pottery. No coffee with friends, no appointments, no tasks at all.

I was covered in clay, and exhausted when I got home. So exhausted, I took a bath and after dinner, just chilled until 8:30 when I went to bed. My system is such a baby now, it needs good food and walks, it needs so much rest. I am high maintenance.

And, I want to add something else to my schedule, but I'm not sure if that is a good idea. I need to strengthen my core - really badly. When I walk slowly, like at the art gallery or with husband, my lower back kills me. It really hurts. I know it's my weak core muscles, and I need Yoga. I need meditation too - but Yoga is step one. There is a class in my old neighbourhood, which is a 15 minute bus ride away, but I really should find one here, that I can walk to.

My weight has finally started to drop. It did initially, but once constipation set in at around week 3, it all came back on again. I am feeling less swollen around my middle.

Husband was beer-free on Tues, Wed & Thurs - his own goal. We are saving oodles of money, which I promptly spend on lovely hair cuts and purses. As of today, day 39, I have saved over $400 and with husband cutting back as well, that could easily be $600. All good.

If I go forward with Yoga, I'll have to buy a top to wear... and a mat. Daughter took my yoga mat.

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