Monday, October 17, 2016

Restless and Sober

It's annoying when your partner still imbibes once you have stopped. Husband has cut out beer - during the week - but this past Friday, Saturday & Sunday, he did drink beer. Maybe not as much as he would have in the past - although I think he did, and maybe even more than usual?

What I've noticed is we aren't on the same page when relaxing. Mostly because I can't really relax, at least not like I did before.

Summer Weekend Lois Before : Husband and I would get our errands out of the way early in the day, including a stop at the LCBO for beer & wine. Anytime after 12 noon was time for a drink, and I would sit on my garden swing with a glass of wine, and he would sit beside me and we'd gaze at our house [still new to us] and talk about how much we loved our new house. In the evening, we'd barbecue [quite late] and chill on our chairs and stare at the sky, with candles on and sit and sip until it was late and time for bed.

It was lovely.

Autumn Weekend Lois Now : There is so much to do on the weekends, and I don't have time to simply sit. When I do sit, I have my journal and or sketchbook at my side, my attention is there. I carry around a thermos of tepid herbal tea, and rarely sit for more than 2 minutes before I hop up and go do something. I annoy myself. Sitting still is very difficult, but with someone who is completely mellowed out on 4 beer, and wants to have lovely vague meandering conversations - that's annoying too.

We are walking different paths right now, and I suspect he misses his drinking partner on the weekends. Last night he was all geared up to sit outside until bed, but I needed to zone out with TV for an hour - or two. The television is a good distraction these days.

When he starts to sweat out the beer in the night - now that's also annoying.

I wonder what I used to smell like?

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  1. I right there, where you were at then; husband missing me drinking. From your blog, I see it gets better. One day, it will. Love your story.