Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Restless Energy [can be] Creative Energy

Boundless, restless energy is kind of cool. Husband was working late yesterday so I stopped at my favourite thrift store on the way home and found some transitional clothes to wear as my body shrinks, and once the overly warm weather leaves I will switch out my summer for winter wardrobe.

It's a good 20 minute walk from there to home, and once there I changed and grabbed Middle Son and we walked to the nearby grocery store for barbecue food - 20 more minutes walking!

While the potatoes and chicken were cooking I worked on one of my nearly-dry pots I brought home from pottery class last week. It was one of my pottery-wheel fails that I made into a spouted vessel. I knew that if I had time I could whittle away at the ugliness and make it into a thing of interest/beauty. I am so calm when playing with clay. I love touching clay, and it grounds me. I'll do a little more on it tonight - adding some decoration.

Working on the wheel still stresses me out - but if I go into class utterly calm I am somewhat successful. If I am not calm, the wheel and I work against each other. My instructor leaves me alone now, and keeps an eye out - but it's all about me forcing the clay, me being impatient, me not breathing. Stuff I have to work out on my own.

I like using my restless energy creatively [but not at Pottery Class]. Later, after Husband came home and we watched a little television I did some sketching and that left me with so much satisfaction - it was an all-round good night.

That leaves me thinking about what I could have accomplished all these years if I hadn't wasted so much time sipping wine and chilling.


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