Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rolling with Recovery

Thankful for a Sans Wine long weekend.

I am happy to note that my energy levels are up - and sleep is better as well. It did take a full 30 days for my sleep to improve, and might still get better. I used to take a 1/2 a Gravol most nights to help me sleep. Wine enabled me to get to sleep, but I would wake up around 2 and slip into anxiety about just about everything, and not get back to sleep until shortly before I needed to get up for work.

Last week I stopped taking the Gravol and have been getting to sleep quite well, and staying has improved as well. I wake up so rested. Really, really rested. And alert.

Aside from sleep, my energy has improved and euphoria has returned. Constipation appears to have left as well, and now I am waiting eagerly for all my extra pounds to drop off me in a whoosh. I really, really want to make my outside match how my inside feels.

Yesterday was a holiday and I spent it on my feet cooking all day long. This weeks lunches at work: Gluten Free muffins with broccoli and cheddar and a pot of curried squash soup. For our Harvest Thanksgiving made [with so-so success] roasted root vegetables and 2 French Canadian [with a Scottish Twist] Tortierre Meat Pies. Daughter came with her sweetie.

Daughter came and we had very little alcohol in the house. Husband had a few beers and one cider for Daughter. No flowing wine and beer for this visit and I sent her home with half a bottle of gin that she bought me during the summer.

I really do think that my ability to stop drinking stems from the intensive writing I have been doing. In 1998 I followed The Artist's Way, and it helped me unblock artistically, but also helped me prioritize my time and I saw how much time I wasted smoking. I stopped that February and have never smoked since.

This time I have not been following The Artist's Way, but have been journaling to keep my sanity in a stressful June, and forced myself to write until it became easier. And as the summer rolled on, I started to draw - and then my goal to stop drinking was the next step. And apparently the Gravol too.

Living Clean is Cool.

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