Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Woodsmoke and Warm Socks

The weather has turned, and socks and sweaters have been found in the storage under my bed and tucked into drawers. Jackets and scarves are at hand, and hiking boots tied on my summer feet - now held captive.

It is a glorious season.

On the weekend we picked up a load of firewood and have had a cosy fire each evening since. When we bought our house last year, Husband made mention of converting our wood-burning fireplace into gas, and I quickly flattened that idea...

There is something about a fireplace that burns wood. It is primitive. It is beautiful.

We have our community garden cleanup this Sat [or Sunday] and then the garden will be put to bed for the winter months. We are taking back our old plot for the 2017 season, even though we really don't need a plot. It will give us a reason to go, and I will grow sauce tomatoes and onions and beets.

I need to bake some hearty cookies on Friday night for our garden cleanup... Tempt people with home-baked goods. Cookies work.

Tomorrow is pottery and I am not taking the extra studio time. I might simply do some hand building tomorrow, I might use the extruder and make some tiles... I might just sit at that wheel again. Depends on how tomorrow plays out.

Agitated men here at work today, soothing music helps.


  1. I can smell that wood smoke, lol, I love nothing more than warm socks and a fire, lol,, You touched my heart!

  2. Hi Lois! Love this post. My woodburner is getting lost of action lately too.