Monday, November 14, 2016

Mystical Landscapes

I went with my good friend Randy to the Art Gallery in Toronto to see the exhibition : Mystical Landscapes. I did love it, although it was crowded, being a Saturday afternoon.

I liked the ideas around the different ways of expressing "Mystical" with the obvious religious paintings with Christ and cathedrals - to pagans in the forest [my preference]. There were mountains and sunsets and sunrises. Most were about light.

One small painting stood out for me, it was called The Closed Door. I can't find an image, but tomorrow  I'll search for it online - I have the artist's name at home.

After all the landscapes and skies and churches and forests and Christs and angels - it was a simple painting. A closed door. It reminded me of a garden door - from a long ago walled garden - like the secret garden.

After I find an image - I will ponder it a bit more, and might do a picture of my own mystical landscape. It will probably be a door, because I like doors. Maybe my own door.

I am curious why this picture is in the exhibit. I am a bit dense in the art-theory world. I am [I think] a very plain thinker. I would be a good Quaker.

Thinking of doors today.

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