Friday, November 18, 2016

Paint Party Friday - More Houses

This has been a busy week. Pottery yesterday, dealing with my anxiety about glazing. I can find a reason for anxiety about anything. It is the whole chemistry thing, and so many choices... I am aiming for absolute simplicity - there is a new [yellowish] glaze called Wheatfield, which I think I'll use for all my pots remaining.

This week I filled both pictures that I posted last week, plus I drew and filled a sad old house I wrote about on Wednesday.

So this is what I have worked on this week:

The Main St West House - Hamilton
[Great-grandfather Gallagher's House]

The Lake St House - Stoney Creek
Last night I passed by the Stoney Creek house on my way home from pottery class and on the lawn was a massive pile of beautiful cast iron - there was an old tub, sinks, all sorts of victorian heating vents. I stopped. My heart raced. My hand reached out - to grab a heating vent - I love cast iron - and then I breathed. And I walked away. At my 1950s bungalow - there is no room for Victorian Cast Iron. I'm in a modern house now. That cast iron will have to go home with someone else. I will not fathom the thought that the scrap metal man will be picking it up. Will not entertain that thought... 

The Peter St House - Toronto


  1. Beautiful sketches of houses and other buildings. The soft colors are so pretty.

  2. What wonderful house, great idea for journaling!!

  3. Love your houses and view through the windows. The flourish texture is beautiful,too.
    Happy weekend ❤

  4. Your sketches are so light and delicate - beautiful indeed.

  5. These are truly beautiful sketches. I am looking forward to seeing the pottery. Have a nice Sunday.

  6. I agree with others, beautiful houses!

  7. My brother in law probably would have loved to have some of that cast iron stuff for the old house he is restoring on Tisdale St.N. His house is a funky looking odd shaped thing on a corner lot they called The Old Butcher Shop. Someone gave him a wonderful old photo of the place which his mum turned into a lovely painting.

  8. Wonderful sketches, I hope the cast iron pieces have found a good home! How wonderful that you're doing pottery! I took pottery classes three years ago and the glazing was my favourite part (probably because I was rubbish at throwing...). Everyone else wanted bold colours, so my choice of more muted colours was limited, and I ended up using the same combination on all my pots. And I'm glad I did, now they all fit together.