Monday, November 7, 2016

Falling Through Time in a Moment

The weekend was incredible. Two glorious balmy November days in a row. We worked in our garden, putting it to bed for the winter and still have more to do. I feel that we are on top of it now.

Our garden is massive compared to the small inner-city lot we had for 10 years. Storage is a challenge here though, because I used to use the space under our deck to store pots and some plants that need a bit of shelter. At this house our deck is low to the ground and the garage is full. Last winter all my pots were new and we just stored them in the basement.

I need a potting shed. I'm pondering where this small shed could live, and wonder if it could be made from pallets, and still look good.

All my geraniums have been potted and are waiting to come in to winter. Most zinnias are finished, but the ones that are still in flower will have another week until I remove them.

We went for a wonderful hike on Sunday afternoon into the Niagara Escarpment.

Less than 20 minutes from our house, we are in the forest. There are many trails to follow, depending on your mood and the time of year. The leaves had covered the ground but they were not slippery so we decided to walk to the lower Punchbowl.

The day was perfect. Our friends were with us, and I did notice Heather struggling with the trail at times, with her balance, with the descents. I was wearing sturdy boots, and think from now on I'll warn people that the trail can be challenging. 

And at the end, the Devil's Punchbowl - water falling through time. The rock layers showing the passage of a millennium.   

I love it afresh each time we visit.

Heather is a 'red flag' friend, having been my wine-drinking buddy for over 10 years... She and her partner have just received a prescription for medical marijuana, and can now go to the marijuana shop and get it whenever they want. She said they got a sample pack of three different types to try.

I'm just happy to be clean and sober - totally sober - and living the days unfiltered. Sleep is still crappy, and anxiety sometimes hits, but living life without a buffer is pretty cool. 

Just being cautious with those trigger-friends for now.

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