Friday, November 25, 2016

Thoughts I had while in the tub...

Aging is not terrible. I like how I look. I like my sparkly hair and I am strong, I am fierce. I wear what I like and I break rules.

Sometimes when I see myself on camera - like when my phone does that selfie thing - makes me jump - then I realize that I don't fully look like how I think I do.

Isn't is crazy how our minds are far more gentle than the photo? Even my bathroom mirror is more gentle than an ungraceful photo...

Last week at pottery class someone was wandering around with a camera, and that's fine, I didn't really think anything of it until the other day when on my Instagram - there I was! on the DVSA instagram  feed - glazing my pot - very intent and [sigh] not the vision I imagine I am.

The photo was not horrific. I did not drop my phone and scream. I looked at myself and I thought, ok, that is me. That is now. I am a fierce 54 year old woman.

Actually, I sighed and thought : It could have been worse.

So in the tub I was thinking about how when I was in my teens and 20s how my eyebrows were so thick and heavy - and how I fought to tame them. Plucking and thinning. And now how my brows are light coloured and sometimes don't even show up very well. It is like in your 20s how your body is intense - trying to stand out - look at me - mate with me. Now, all the hair on my body is thinning except the hair on my chin.

I like how I look.

It's better than the alternative.

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