Friday, December 30, 2016

It was... A Year of Great Change

I have not drawn for weeks - due to first illness, and then Yule Preparation.
Finally last night I forced myself to sit with my pencil and pen and finish the Graffiti House from Kensington Market in Toronto.
Perhaps tonight I will paint it - the 2 houses are colourful.
Beauty in Dereliction. 

Today I am at work, we were supposed to be off but Husband had a job to do for one of my customers so I am working this morning, and will be off on Monday. It is quiet. I have time to prepare for January jobs. Also I am blogging today - I don't often open my lap-top at home anymore, trying to cut back on screens.

Although we did binge-watch OA on Netflix over the last two days. The ending left me 'meh' but it is leading into season 2 I am sure.

My thoughts are turning to deep winter. I am thinking of meals to prepare for the grand-baby who is expected any time now, officially on the 7th. Lasagna & turkey casserole, muffins to bake, thick pancakes to pop into the toaster. Those early weeks with a newborn, no time to eat or drink.

I remember my early days with Eldest - so busy caring for one baby and I remember birthing Youngest at home, 9 years later - barely a ripple in the family life, I didn't even miss a day of after-school babysitting, thanks to Husband who had been laid off the week before.

A wild time.

Why am I pulled to these old homes, boarded up and left to disrepair? Some buildings just leak energy. I always put a light inside, even if they are boarded up tight.

Resolutions? I will try to stay present. I will keep drawing. I will think before I speak. I will be supportive to those close to me who need support - and also be kind to myself and give myself the space, the quiet, the creative food I need.

I will finally paint my rooms and make my house my own, after living with the space for over a year. It is time to paint.

And I will take Yoga, and find that physical balance.


  1. would love to see this beautiful sketch painted! Looks like you are all set for 2017 resolutions in hand!

  2. Wonderful sketch! Happy New Year to you and yours, hugs, Valerie

  3. This is an amazing drawing. I enjoyed seeing it. but even more than that I enjoyed reading about your thoughts and resolutions. Happy New year!

  4. It's a lovely sketch,
    Best Wishes for a happy creative 2017


    Much love...

  5. Wow, wow, wow that is a fantastic drawing!

  6. Wow, wow, wow that is a fantastic drawing!

  7. I like the idea that you put a light in all the houses you draw. That's a real statement of Life and Hope. Best wishes for a fab 2017, Lois, especially with a new grandbaby arriving so soon! Special.

  8. Beautiful detailed drawing. It'll look even better with some colouring. Love your resolutions, I think I'll adopt them :-) Have a happy and joyful ride into 2017 dear Lois ♥

  9. I am sorry you have been ill and I am sending prayers and healing energy your way. Your art is always so detailed and beautiful. Wishing you the very best for 2017