Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Loss and Love at Christmas - Allowing Time to Heal

Many years ago, when I was 33 and a young mother of 3, I had one of those years that can only be described as A Year of Great Loss

In 1995 my father died, then 3 months later my mother died, and then 5 months later on New Year's Day - my eldest sister succumbed to colon cancer - fighting death until she could fight no longer. She filled that hospital room with wild energy - I could see her anger in the air. 

As I put away my Christmas ornaments that year, I wept, and my tears and sadness filled those boxes, to be released every Christmas when opened them again. This year I felt a lightness when those boxes were opened and I believe that my tears have finally faded away.

There is a lightness.

I was Christmas Baking last night, and I decided to listen to some old Christmas music that I had set aside for many, many years. Last night I heard this music and did not feel that familiar cascading, crushing sorrow. I used to weep at my sink, when melancholy hit - blaming the season - but it was the music, always the music.

Last night I baked quietly in my [still] new-to-me kitchen. So thankful. I listened to my old music, that I used to love so much - and I felt peace and happiness. The grief has faded. The sorrow has ebbed away.


The Christmas Tree Farm - 2016

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  1. I'm happy for you! Time does heal all, they say, but sometimes it takes a long time.