Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Post-Yule in Review - Life and death, all good.

We did have a lovely Yule Holiday, and today I am back at work, trying to stay away from the chocolate, although immediately after typing that I consumed a Lindor chocolate.

Husband gave me a little dress for Christmas that I might have worn a decade or two ago with great success, and instead of returning it I will use it as my 15 pound goal for Valentine's Day. We have committed to a walk each day after work to help... 

And I will resist the delicious and glorious Sour Dough with onions and cheese bread I've been buying from Fortinos since I stopped drinking. Gluten does not bother me anymore - go figure - but I need to curb my bread indulgence. 

Once the bread is gone, that will be it. All the weight-loss commercials have started, and I'm about to jump on the band-wagon, without joining a program. 

My first sober Christmas has passed. All the dinners - sans wine. All the visiting, the feasting, the deserts, the cooking, the drinking for no reason - all done. Sans wine, sans Grand Marnier, sans rum and eggnog. A lot of tea was consumed. Now I remember way back in time - how much Tetley tea I drank. I remember tea.

Another death in celebrity-land - and is it wrong of me not to care? Sadness of course for anyone who dies at a relatively young age, but the lives of the rich and famous have never touched me - and I find it strange to emotionally attach to people I don't know. Would they care if I died? No. They are too abstract from my life. Actors, singers, politicians - they are not real to me. Am I weird? I think so.

What touches my life? The immediacy of those close to me I think.

Soon, a birth. That is real to me. Baby is due very soon, and I am so nervous for Eldest and his Lovely Lu. It is much harder to be the one awaiting someone else giving birth than it is to be the one giving birth. I keep having dreams about having or carrying babies. 

And that is that, for today, near the end of the year.


  1. So wonderful to have a new life to look forward to! I'm really curious about your belly calming down with the gluten thing after ditching the alcohol. I don't drink alcohol myself so I can't blame that, but sugar seems to be linked somehow. Some years back I read an article about women and a link between alcohol+sugar+diabetes+ stomach problems. I wish I could find that piece again.

  2. Must be the sugar, Karen. For years I was cutting out wheat, yeast and eventually gluten, and now - no ibs symptoms - with alcohol gone. I was drinking a bottle of red a day, so that was a lot of sugar. My sweet tooth has really returned though, and it had been gone for years...