Friday, January 20, 2017

Intention : to make something beautiful every day

Creating with Intention

Week 2 of pottery and finally I am making cylinders with careful success.
Apparently I was pulling on the left instead of the right, I blame my mysterious dyslexia. Whatever the reason, certainly the potting and the pulling is happening with ease now, and I have returned to the potting zone. The crumpled pot will be glazed in the Raku outside kiln, and used in my office to house my paper-clips and other bits.

The latest house, vacant and boarded up in Hamilton. It was a fine old mansion, converted into apartments and now it costs less to simply maintain the grounds than to make it livable again.

I liked the upper windows on this house.
Just a brick house with cool windows... I like the front entrance as well. 

Not my creation, but lovely Evee - all wrapped up in her mother's arms.
She looks a little milk-drunk.

Happy Paint Party Friday!


  1. So much beauty in one post! Enjoy everything new (or new again) in your life!

  2. What gorgeous pottery and I love the beautiful house. Evee looks very sweet too.

  3. Beautiful art and I love handmade of the dreams I wish I had followed up on. Evee is a piece of art...a priceless piece and one of a kind :)

    Happy PPF, Lois~

    Jan (Janice M)

  4. Precious Evee, thanks for sharing and your lovely Art

    Happy PPF

    much love...

  5. Sweet wee gal! I'm itching to hold a baby....

    When I was learning to work at the wheel, I would sit in front of my instructor and watch her. It was some time later that someone mentioned to me that I worked with my left hand (and I'm a right). The process imprinted on my brain backwards because I watched from the front. Maybe this applies to you as well?????

  6. Great post. Nice pottery and I love the drawing. Houses are difficult.

  7. Gorgeous the buildings they are gorgeous!!

    Hugs Giggles