Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lovely Little Evelyn Eileen

Probably as I wrote last Friday the birth was happening...

Eldest and his Lovely Lu had a beautiful home birth, with midwives and a doula in attendence.

Evelyn was 6lb8oz, and squirmy from the get-go, rooting around and wiggling. A good survival instinct, she has.

Today she is 4 days old, and Mama Lu's milk is in, her nipples are sore and the new family is managing beautifully. 


And Karen, I know exactly what you meant when you said the circle was complete... I thought that on our way home on Sunday night.

Mimi has muffins to bake tomorrow, and tiny baby pants to sew.


  1. SO ADORABLE! Congrats to the parents and welcome to the world, Evelyn Eileen! And congrats to Mimi as well, of course -- have fun with your new granddaughter!

    1. Thank you Debra! A new role for sure!!!

  2. yep, those weren't just words, they are a FEELING.
    I had that feeling when my first grandchild was born. He's now a lanky 21 year old working a real job in Hamilton. Time flies when we're holding them close.
    She's a doll! Congratulations.

  3. Thank you Karen!!! It is a wonderful new journey.