Friday, January 27, 2017

The Eve of the Weekend

This week was incredibly Full and Bursting. Today is Friday and I am quite weary... 
But in a good way.

On Tuesday after work I traveled to the small town where Eldest lives with his family, and I stayed overnight and squeezed my little Evee and helped out Lovely Lu on my Wednesday day off. Nursing is going well, although I am still peeved that the Midwife recommended nipple shields on day 5. A little baby with a little mouth can become nipple confused so easily, and now she struggles to break that habit.

But she is growing and she is eating, and all is well.

Last night at pottery I made handles for my mugs, all my imperfect, shapely mugs. Handles are bizarre and messy to make, but I managed to get them done, adding some 'me' embellishment, to make them my own, as the teacher recommended. He came by and said good job, so I have [some] faith that my handles will hold.

I am becoming more patient. I can feel that I have slowed down, and am breathing through the frustration, breathing through the challenges. I am enjoying this semester so much more than the one in the autumn. In the autumn my energy was all buzzy and jittery. I would get home from pottery exhausted and emotionally bruised. I'm in an entirely different head-space now.

I have not had time to do much drawing this week, but did draw two houses, and inked them.

I am excited about the next one; a regal semi that has survived being in a questionable neighbourhood for well over 100 years. I suppose when it was built, it was not a questionable area though.


  1. Sounds like you had a great week! Little Evee is so cute!

  2. What an adorable little one! Your illustration is so lovely too. I'm glad about your cup handles too.

  3. She is such a darling baby and so precious~
    It is nice that you are enjoying your pottery classes and feeling more relaxed...maybe it is because "you got a HANDLE on it!"'s been a long day :)